Underwater Imagery Coaching

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Did you buy a camera and you are struggling to make the best out of it?

Are you unsure about purchasing a new camera or accessory?

Did you see an underwater photo on the social media and want to learn how to make something similar?

Do you want to step up the quality of your underwater videos and get more likes and interaction?

I propose you a one on one learning course, tailored to your needs and time, where you can learn, practice and review new skills. You will be able to make the most of your gear and find your hobby to be successful and rewarding.

Typically, you will be picked up at your hotel, arrive at my office before 8:00 (if a full day session). In the initial briefing, we discuss the concepts you want to learn or review, trim / adjust your camera and equipment for that purpose. We will then head to the diving site, where we can do 1, 2 or 3 dives (according to your preference and budget), with reviewing sessions in between.
We can have lunch near the dive site, with either local or international food (meal not included) in between dives.

After the last dive of the day, we will head back to my office, for debriefing, image viewing and overall discussion. (Bali) Check / for upcoming training events (Sesimbra, Portugal) Check the prices in here
Mail-me in advance with your topics of interest and your camera / housing / gear, so I can be prepared to help you in the best way. You can also book one-on-one photo, video and review sessions.

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